Redhead Appreciation Day - September 23
Sat, Sep 23, 2023

Redhead Appreciation Day

Redhead Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on September 23rd. This day is a reminder of the exclusivity and attractiveness of red-haired people. Their hair color is often associated with fire, passion, and a quick temper. Today, the red shade of hair attracts attention and causes slight envy, but in the past, there was an ambiguous attitude towards such people.


At all times, the attitude towards redheads can be called polar. Some admired them, and some ascribed magical powers to them. Some nationalities often portrayed demons with red hair. For example, the demon Lilith in Jewish mythology looks exactly like this. It is noteworthy that even Judas is depicted in many paintings with fiery hair.

Interesting Facts

  • It is believed that the shade of hair leaves a certain imprint on the character of a person. Redheads are considered bold, courageous, unbalanced, impudent, and quick-tempered.
  • The shade appeared about 100 thousand years ago in Central Asia. The reason is a mutation of the MC1R gene. In the body of these people, eumelanin is not produced. As a result, freckles and red-tinted curls appear.
  • Aristotle believed that a red hue is inherent in people who are brave and cunning, like foxes.
  • In the Middle Ages, demonic and witching qualities were attributed to redheads. This was the main sign by which people associated with magic were caught.

How to take part

Today, the red shade is recognized as unique, so pay a compliment to a person with this hair color. Appreciate the flaming curls. Read about red-haired monarchs; the most popular is Elizabeth I. Spend time with red-haired friends, organize a joint party. Talk about the holiday on social networks, let people know about this an unusual day.

When is Redhead Appreciation Day in 2023?

Redhead Appreciation Day is observed on September 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 23 2023
Monday September 23 2024
Tuesday September 23 2025
Wednesday September 23 2026