National Respect Day - September 18
Mon, Sep 18, 2023

National Respect Day

National Respect Day is dedicated to respect between people. This is the basis for a healthy existence of society, and celebrated on September 18th.


It is not known who proposed this day. The concept of respect can be described as a feeling of admiration for a person, which is formed due to an adequate assessment of them as a person and their skills. From childhood, people are taught to respect elders, teachers, and established rules of behavior in society and various places (school, work, festive events).

Gradually, with growing up, comes the realization of self-respect. It is necessary to perceive yourself as a full-fledged person, to have your own boundaries and principles, not to succumb to the negative influence of other people.

Respect and self-respect are two factors, which allow you to be a person who feels comfortable in society. Society will be comfortable living with you, and you will enjoy life.

Interesting facts

  • Expressing gratitude to a person and being able to understand his point of view are the easiest ways to behave respectfully towards others.
  • Only awareness of oneself as a strong personality, which is ready for any trials, will allow one to experience all the facets of life.

How to take part

Respect yourself and the people around you, compliment them more often, and be outgoing and positive. Make new friends, attend events. You will feel how the people around you begin to treat you with respect.

Talk to family and friends. Find out what they mean with the word ‘respect’. Have conversations with your children, bringing up the topic of respect for the people around you.

When is National Respect Day celebrated in 2023?

National Respect Day is observed on September 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 18 2023
Wednesday September 18 2024
Thursday September 18 2025
Friday September 18 2026