Look up at the Sky Day - April 14
Sun, Apr 14, 2024

National Look Up at the Sky

National Look Up at the Sky is an annual American holiday dedicated to the sky. Lift your eyes and look up: passing clouds, bright sun, huge black clouds, birds flying by. The list goes on and on. The holiday is celebrated on April 14.


The history of National Look Up at the Sky holds many mysteries. The following version of the holiday is popular in the community. It was established by former reporter D. Borden, who quit his job after looking up at the sky and realizing that he was seeing it for the first time like he had never seen it before. So the holiday came about so that all people could look up at the sky and see something new there.

There are different ways to celebrate. You can take it literally and explore more information about the sky in addition to looking at it: what the stratosphere is, why it is blue, the speed of clouds, and their varieties. You could call it a day of learning about the sky in that case.

A philosophical approach to the celebration is allowed. The sky is something distant and appealing. Think of your equally distant goals and begin the journey to reach them, like a pilot taking to the clouds for the first time. Rethink your life!

Interesting facts

  • Clouds include large amounts of water. However, they do not fall. The water droplets in them are so small that they are almost unaffected by gravity.
  • The aurora borealis, available to residents of northern countries in the sky, appears as a result of contact of the Earth’s magnetosphere with charged particles of the solar wind.
  • There is a special science that studies clouds – nephology.

How to celebrate

Celebrate National Look Up at the Sky as you see fit. Most importantly, take a few minutes to observe the sky. Learn more interesting information about it!

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask users how they spend the day.

When is National Look Up at the Sky celebrated in 2024?

National Look Up at the Sky is observed on April 14 each year.


Sunday April 14 2024
Monday April 14 2025
Weekday Month Day Year

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