National Llama Day - December 9
Fri, Dec 9, 2022

National Llama Day

National Llama Day is celebrated in the United States on December 9th and celebrates beautiful animals with unique looks and personalities! Did you know that in 16th century Europe, nobles kept animals at home? It represented their status. Today it is not necessary to settle a llama in an apartment, you can visit a petting zoo and enjoy communicating with her!


We don’t know who invented National Day, but this man was definitely an animal lover, for which we thank him! Let’s get back to llamas… They are considered relatives of camels, lead a measured lifestyle and often become the object of observation of lovers of nature. Researchers claim that they appeared 40 million years ago in North America. After some time, the animals migrated to the southern regions of the state, and then ended up in Europe.

Acquainted with the animals, the local population took up their training. Lamas quickly began to fit into livestock. Now there are no wild animals – there are only domesticated ones. Males do hard work – they carry loads, while females give wool to a person, so they are sheared several times a year. One procedure brings about 1 kg of wool. You may have clothing that includes a component.

Interesting facts

Did you know that llamas:

  • have a wayward character – they will not carry too heavy a load. Until the burden is loosened, the animal will not rise from the ground;
  • males simply cannot withstand competition, but immediately get into a fight;
  • live for about 20 years, but there are cases when their age reached 30;
  • they feel great in the herd, they even accept sheep and goats into it;
  • They are just the cutest creatures on the planet and are very trainable! The scientists even taught them how to use a mirror.

How to celebrate

Learn a little more about animals, see their types. Visit a zoo or a farm where llamas are kept, ask about their characteristic features. Watch documentaries that reveal their temper!

When is National Llama Day celebrated in 2022?

National Llama Day is observed on December 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 9 2022
Saturday December 9 2023
Monday December 9 2024
Tuesday December 9 2025
Wednesday December 9 2026

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