Canada Day


Canada Day is celebrated annually on July 1st. In the press, this day is unofficially considered the "Birthday" of Canada. But considering this holiday as a birthday would be an […]

Keti Koti


Keti Koti officially sounds like Dag der Vrijheden, which is Dutch for Freedom Day. Every year July 1st is Emancipation Day in Suriname. Interestingly, emancipation in the former colonies of […]

Zip Code Day

United States

Zip Code Day is celebrated every July 1st. Since the late 1960s, post offices have named zip codes for different regions of the United States. An advertising campaign was launched, […]

International Reggae Day


International Reggae Day is celebrated on July 1 every year. The roots of this musical genre go back to Jamaica, where reggae is an important cultural part of the country. […]

International Joke Day


International Joke Day, which is celebrated every year on July 1, can be a great occasion to smile yourself and make your loved ones laugh. Jokes are one of the […]

Early Bird Day


The Early Bird Day holiday, celebrated on July 1 of each year, exists specifically to celebrate the merits of the so-called "early birds". This is a special category of people […]

National Postal Workers Day

United States

June 1st is National Postal Workers Day every year. This holiday was created to celebrate the postal workers and their hard work, thanks to which the mail is delivered safe […]

National Gingersnap Day

United States

National Gingersnap Day celebrates the day of both sweet and spicy ginger baked goods. This treat is a popular snack for tea all over the world, and has many options […]

American Zoo Day

United States

American Zoo Day is celebrated annually on July 1 to draw attention to the existence of zoos. Initially, due to adverse conditions, zoological parks were like a prison for animals, […]

International Chicken Wing Day


Although chickens do not fly with their help, International Chicken Wing Day still has a lot of fans. On July 1, you can and should enjoy delicious chicken wings, which […]

Drive Your Corvette to Work Day

United States

Drive Your Corvette to Work Day is celebrated on July 1 because the first Corvette was launched on June 30 in 1953. Initially, the American icon of the automotive industry […]

Alice Springs Show Day


The July Alice Springs Show Day is considered one of the largest agricultural and social celebrations in northern Australia. The name of the national day is due to the name […]

The summer season in July is filled with contradictions and opposites. The month is marked by mournful days of remembrance imbued with solemn dignity (on the Day of Honoring Veterans of Combat Actions, remembrance of Second World War genocide victims). However, not only restrained sadness fills the sultry summer evenings. Those with a sweet tooth celebrate the National Day of Cake. The merits of chess players and boxers are appreciated in sports. The romantic holiday of kisses allows getting closer to loved ones, conveying tender feelings in a natural non-verbal way, more eloquent than awkwardly chosen words. Enjoy mutual romance; go on dates so the beauty of summer sunrises and sunsets can be shared by two loving hearts.