International Polar Bear Day - February 27
Tue, Feb 27, 2024

International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day is a worldwide holiday dedicated to raising awareness about the disappearance of polar bears. These animals are now listed in the Red Book. Their population continues to decline, and only by working together can we save these predators. The holiday is celebrated on February 27.


The first International Polar Bear Day celebration took place in 2011. Polar Bear International (PBI) took the initiative. The purpose of the holiday is to raise public awareness about the problem of the extinction of polar bears and to find effective solutions. On this day there are various activities and events aimed not only at saving this species of animals, but also to improve the ecology and optimize the protection of the environment.

Polar bears began having problems in the 1950s. That’s when the first signs of global warming appeared. Active combustion of fuel led to an increase in the overall temperature of the environment, resulting in the melting of the ice. The natural habitat of the animals began to be destroyed. At first the problem was ignored, and only thanks to the great efforts of environmental groups were the first steps taken in this direction.

In 1973, the first agreement regulating the conservation of this species within its natural habitat was signed. In 1994, the PBI was formed, and its members have been actively working for nearly two decades to protect the environment and protect northern raptors.

Interesting facts

  • Adult polar bears reach a length of 4 meters and can weigh up to a ton.
  • Melting ice is the main cause of population decline. Scientists make disappointing predictions. By 2050, 2/3 of the current polar bear population could be gone.
  • Animals can easily survive the bitter cold thanks to their thick fur and thick fat layer (about 11-13 cm).

How to celebrate

On International Polar Bear Day, support organizations that work to protect polar bears and their natural habitat. Organize lectures in educational institutions to raise awareness of the problem.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media, offer your ways to solve the problem. Discuss them with other users.

When is International Polar Bear Day celebrated in 2024?

International Polar Bear Day is observed on February 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 27 2024
Thursday February 27 2025
Friday February 27 2026
Saturday February 27 2027

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