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Contemplative event was celebrated on June 19, when Americans meet leisurely World Sauntering Day. In hustle and bustle of everyday worries, it is easy to lose touch with inner state, harmony of soul, balance of spiritual component. On summer day, think about transience of time, pay attention to world around, dissolve into moment and give yourself moments of absolute happiness, serenity, peace.

The History

Modern civilization is characterized by rapid rates of technological, information development. In cycle of events, ability to pay attention to pleasant little things, appreciate details, beauty, charm of dawn, the greatness of sunset is minimized. Level of stress provokes diseases, ability to relax prolongs life, improves quality. Date in calendar for the holiday appeared in 1970.

Interesting Facts

Imagine, time of world belongs to you. This is true meaning of the word «sauntering», which consists in regularity, lack of haste. This noun is of French origin, translated as «holy Land».

  1. Writer Rabe established festive event, he was tired of people prefer to run in morning. Original author decided in retaliation to athletes to emphasize benefits of walking at slow pace. Idea resonated with mass fascination of Americans, but caught on due to lack of triviality in formulation.
  2. Sauntering aims to stop time and slow down course, which sounds attractive against background of life transience, inability to enjoy moments.
  3. Route is unimportant, priority is to move on whim, not to reach end point, overcome specific distance.

Sauntering develops creativity, critical thinking, increases productivity, improves mood.

How to celebrate

Go for walks, abandon plans, predictability. Listen to intuition, hit the road. Lack of specifics/need to follow certain trajectory gives freedom, scope for spontaneous decisions. Make stops in beautiful places; observe nature, people and animals. Take photos of moments, its chronicle of escaping beauty.

When is World Sauntering Day celebrated in 2022?

World Sauntering Day is observed on June 19 each year.