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Situation in world is characterized by instability, wars, uprisings, natural disasters force people to leave homeland, World Refugee Day is necessary to draw attention to issues of people affected by cataclysms. They lost home, job, connections and are forced to start from scratch in unfamiliar country. Society helps to adapt, recover and find prospects.

The History

The United Nations decided to establish social holiday in 2000. Goal is to find ways, methods to make life of displaced persons comfortable, acceptable and open to possibility of realizing aspirations, civil rights. Refugees face bureaucracy, lack of choice. Status does not provide to vote, equal rights with indigenous people in terms of places of employment. Receiving party undertakes to create conditions for migrants, providing with home, necessary medical care.

Interesting Facts

Businessmen are trying to make contribution: provide refugees with jobs, stable wages, helping to gain independence.

  1. Refugees need psychological help, support if they survived death of relatives/friends, came under fire, were scared at home.
  2. It is essential to show tolerance to people behave aggressively, rudely or withdrawn under stress. They require time.
  3. World becomes united when assistance to refugees is provided voluntarily.

Refugees are guests, it is important to inform about documents necessary for legalization of civil status, registration of state subsidies.

How to celebrate

Show empathy. Become activist, offer help to refugees. You can provide overnight accommodation for family, hot lunch, opportunity to stay in cozy house in guest bedroom for certain period. Communicate with people in difficult situation. They require support, legal knowledge regarding situation, local customs and cultural manifestations. Provide medicines, clothes. Join government programs support host families financially.

When is World Refugee Day celebrated in 2022?

World Refugee Day is observed on June 20 each year.