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The first Thursday in May is known as World Password Day. Passwords are an important part of our electronic life. The purpose of holiday is to improve password usage habits and provide users with information about password protection.


The first password day was held in 2013. Initiator was security researcher Mark Burnett, suggested picking a single day and telling people to update all their significant passwords.

Intel Security supported such idea, choosing the first Monday of May. On this day, users are provided with a large amount of information about the passwords’ importance, and recommended at least once a year (namely, on the first Monday in May) to update all passwords.

Interesting Facts

Despite the fact that many people are aware of all the risks of storing information, not everyone changes the password periodically. The following tips will help you keep significant information safe:

  • 1-2 times a year change password. Use long and strong cipher consisting of letters, numbers, symbols.
  • Two-step authentication should be enabled for the most important accounts.
  • Don’t save your password on computer or phone.
  • Periodically it is necessary to delete temporary downloaded files.

When is World Password Day celebrated in 2022?

World Password Day is observed on the first Thursday of May each year.