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World Party Day, which is celebrated on April 3 – a wonderful day when anyone need no special reason to start having fun. The only proper reason is the burning desire for joy and celebration. All of us need to be invited to a cool party just to forget sorrows and difficulties of the day-to-day life, so on April 3rd gives a wonderful opportunity to hit a party.


The appearance of the holiday is due to such a literary genre as «quantum fiction». Its brightest representative – Vanna Bonta’s narrative «Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel». At the time of its appearance on the shelves, the story became a real breakthrough into the world of illusory quantum realities. The piece is suitable for those who want to escape from the dull reality and believe that the world is multidimensional. So it was published in 1995 and immediately gained a lot of fans.

They were captivated by the illusory nature of the world and the unimaginable possibilities of quantum reality. The joy of reading the novel was so great that its finale became a continuation of love for this literary work for all the future years. At the end of the book, a countdown timer was set, its date set to April 3rd, 2000 – the idea was that at that moment the whole world should start celebrating together on all the continents.

After the release of the novel, the idea to found World Party Day appeared among its fans, so the very first party about it took place already in 1996. It was the first Party day, which was held under the motto: «A party is the opposite of war». The main goal of the holiday proclaimed the idea that in order to create a better, high-quality reality in which every person would be able to live, one must take positive and active actions, enjoying life together with other people, and not just passively voice the idea of ​​«world peace».

Fan facts

  • The holiday has its own long established motto: «pass the food and turn up the music».
  • Parties may be absolutely of any choice – everything depends on those who arranged it. For example, it could be a cuddle party, a pajama party, a party where everyone watches their favorite movies, or even a general trip to an exotic restaurant. The main thing is that the event should bring fun and joy to its participants.
  • Even virtual parties are involved in World Party Day.

When is World Party Day celebrated in 2022?

World Party Day is observed on April 3 each year.