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Seawater is source of energy, base for technology, essential natural resource; environmental event is celebrated on June 8 when World Oceans Day is celebrated. It is source of life.

The History

Salty holiday established The Ocean Project. People pollute water without realizing they are bringing death, destruction of life on planet closer. Nature reacts to human activity, gives appropriate answers: earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions.

Interesting Facts

Skeptics believe nature has powerful restorative mechanism. This is true, but scale of destructive human activity is accompanied by irreparable consequences, which powerful natural potential cannot cope with, proven scientific fact.

  1. Ocean is called Earth’s respiratory system due to amount of oxygen produced by water area.
  2. Symbolic color of environmental events is blue.
  3. Ocean represents interaction of elements. Millions of different living creatures live in water column.

Ocean is majestic, represents tremendous power, capable of destroying world, giving new life.

How to celebrate

Join volunteer society, monitor situation personally, help activists carry out tasks to protect big water from pollution, species extinction.

Go to beach, clean up trash. Kind people give it constantly, without waiting for work of city service. However, garbage is added due to irresponsible behavior of vacationers, tourists.

Eliminate plastic. Going to store, take textile bag and give up plastic bags.

World Ocean concentrates energy. Starting to use riches provided by nature wisely, person changes ecological situation, creates harmony, safe environment.

When is World Oceans Day celebrated in 2022?

World Oceans Day is observed on June 8 each year.