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World Lupus Day is dedicated to fighting autoimmune disease and raising citizens’ awareness. Lupus can develop as a result of various malfunctions of the immune system. There are about 5 million people with lupus in the world.


Lupus is a complex disease, as the symptoms affect each person differently. At the same time, doctors cannot name the exact, specific cause of lupus. In disease, the immune system cannot distinguish between pathogens and healthy tissue. It creates antibodies that attack and destroy healthy cells. This is another insidious characteristic of lupus.

Since 2004, health organizations have established May 10 as a special event dedicated to the disease. The main goal is to raise citizens’ awareness of the symptoms and consequences of lupus.

How to celebrate

The main goal is to draw public attention to the problem and low awareness of citizens.

  1. Organize volunteering, distribution of information leaflets.
  2. Having sufficient information, you can speak to the labor collectives of various institutions.
  3. Organize an informational flash mob on social networks using the hashtag #WorldLupusDay and attract the attention of the maximum number of users.

When is World Lupus Day celebrated in 2022?

World Lupus Day is observed on May 10 each year.