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World Humanist Day is an international holiday dedicated to the positive values ​​of humanism. It is celebrated by supporters of humanistic ideas around the world. The initiative to celebrate World Humanist Day comes from Humanists International – an association of organizations that develop, support and promote the ideas of humanism and disseminate knowledge about it in many countries of the world.


The idea of ​​a humanistic holiday was born in the 1980s, in the local branches of the AHA, but the heads of these branches could not decide on a single date for the celebration. By the early 1990s, the AHA and Humanists International were in agreement and, with the help of resolutions, approved the date: June 21, the day of the solstice. In the northern hemisphere of our planet it is the summer solstice, in the southern hemisphere it is the winter solstice.

Both organizations submitted 2 similar resolutions each – the first of them announced that World Humanist Day should be celebrated, the second determined a specific date.

Interesting facts

There are groups of humanists who attach great importance to the date that falls on the solstice – in their opinion, it is deeply symbolic and means the exit of mankind from the darkness of ignorance and savagery to the sun – knowledge and humanistic values. These groups develop whole rituals for the holiday with music and themed readings.

How to celebrate

If you are a supporter of the ideas of humanism, and you are close to such values ​​as freethinking, critical thinking, rationalism, free will, protection of human rights regardless of their religious beliefs, you should celebrate this holiday with like-minded people:

  • Join Humanists International or another humanist organization.
  • Organize a promotion, concert, exhibition to promote humanistic ideas.
  • Shoot a thematic video and post it on your social media page.
  • Organize a party or picnic with friends to discuss humanitarian values ​​and plan humanitarian action.

When is World Humanist Day celebrated in 2022?

World Humanist Day is observed on June 21 each year.