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Attention, sincere congratulations go to nurses on World Health Day on April 7. Doctors, midwives, resuscitators, teams working in the emergency medical service. Holiday was established on the initiative of the World Health Organization. This is great opportunity to express appreciation, gratitude to people invariably help who are in trouble and faced with serious illnesses, injuries, damage. Health and physical well — being valuable resource to maintain vitality.

The History

At the end of 1945 plenipotentiaries of Latin American and Eastern regions took initiative to create independent World Health Organization. Six months later institution had its own charter, began working activities closely to international community pressing problems. Day of actual foundation of organization became holiday celebrated since 1950.

Interesting facts

Holiday is designed to draw attention to issues of accessibility of high-quality timely medical care for all categories of citizens in the countries. Special priority should be given to citizens who do not have financial ability to pay for expensive procedures, special treatment in private clinics. Main objective of organizational activity — creating opportunities to provide medical care for free clinics the poor to apply.

  1. Seminars, extracurricular activities are held in educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities). Discussions, forums are organized.
  2. Sports events are organized. Charitable collections are created: funds go to incurable serious disease’s treatment.
  3. Celebrated in popular fast food restaurants: there are announced changes in menu, dish of day — treats prepared exclusively from healthy ingredients in special way: boiled, steamed. Everything opposite of fried potatoes, breaded chicken wings.

Attention is paid to people curing mental health issues: great problem due to huge daily stress level. Appreciate doctors work. It is extremely important in world full of dangers.

When is World Health Day celebrated in 2022?

World Health Day is observed on April 7 each year.