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June 5 is time for skeptics to recognize global difficulties associated with state of nature and join activists, defenders of on World Environment Day. Atmospheric pollution, global warming, change, disappearance of biological species are rapidly disrupting natural balance, leading to cataclysms. People are cause of plight, they subsequently turn into victims of own imprudent activities.

The History

Sweden launched similar initiative in 1968. UN decided to celebrate the holiday uniting activists for protection of natural resources. Event was first held in 1972. International conference was headed by Maurice Strong. Person directly related to hydrocarbon industry became leader in movement to restore global environment.

Interesting Facts

China is at forefront of fighters for environment’s purity. Country has solid fleet of cars powered by electricity. Country accounts for half of world’s total number of facilities. Public transport structures have long abandoned use of hot fuel.

  1. Every person on planet has opportunity to make significant contribution to environment. It is not necessary to be famous or have million-dollar fortune. It is enough to give up personal car, sort garbage and consume less energy due to moderate needs.
  2. Issue under discussion is whether humans are responsible for warming. Answer is yes, if it concerns destruction or violation of marine organisms (corals) habitats, dumping of multi-ton garbage into the ocean.
  3. Solar panels became effective proven alternative energy source, helping to save resources.
  4. New type of plastic was invented in Indonesia, created from plant components, decomposes without harming environment.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep are eco-activists. Public figures become role models, personally taking part in actions, becoming founders of charitable foundations.

How to celebrate

Plant tree, make it traditional family custom to plant in open ground with onset of summer. Against background of rapid reduction of forest areas, every tree matters.

Give up air conditioner, reduce operating mode of cooling equipment this summer. Spend time outdoors.

Join volunteer society, start helping as part of organized group. This is opportunity to learn interesting things, find friends.

Event of great importance is kind of appeal for population, company leaders to pay attention to issue of pollution. This applies to every person wants to preserve harmony, balance, comfortable living conditions on blooming green planet.

When is World Environment Day celebrated in 2022?

World Environment Day is observed on June 5 each year.