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World AIDS Vaccine Day is an expression of hope that one day disease can be prevented and eradicated. The event is informational in nature. Organizations carry out various actions to draw public attention to the need to develop an AIDS vaccine.


World AIDS Vaccine Day has been celebrated since 1998. A year earlier, in 1997, Bill Clinton gave a congratulatory speech to graduates of Morgan State University. He called on graduates to make new discoveries, including development of vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus, destroy this terrible threat to the entire planet.

Speech was delivered on May 18. This date was chosen for holiday establishment. This day, information and educational conferences are held online and offline. Participants have a red ribbon on their chest – a symbol of the fight against AIDS throughout the world. Organizations are raising public awareness of the need to invest in vaccine production. Also, this day, many thanks are given to people who contribute to the production of a safe and necessary AIDS vaccine.

Interesting Facts

What is important to know about the Human Immunodeficiency Virus?

  1. The human immunodeficiency virus is characterized by a high frequency of genetic changes.
  2. In the presence of AIDS, many bacterial, fungal, viral, protozoal infections and non-communicable diseases are actively developing.
  3. There is only one known case of a complete recovery, happened by transplantation of modified stem cells.
  4. Today, HIV is the most studied virus.

When is World AIDS Vaccine Day celebrated in 2022?

World AIDS Vaccine Day is observed on May 18 each year.