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On June 24, save your pet from loneliness and tell him the good news that he will accompany you, this is Take Your Dog to Work Day and an opportunity to show the animal the big world. The dog is delighted, barking and wagging his tail.

The History

The holiday was approved in 1999. The event was established as an incentive to attract people to solve the problem of stray animals. The goal is to prove dogs are great friends, they help and support master, give him positive emotions.

Interesting Facts

It is important to ensure the dog does not have access to poisonous plants, substances.

  1. In order for dog training to become effective, you need to follow the reward system.
  2. An executed command promises a reward in the form of a treat.
  3. If the dog gets into a fight, it is necessary to loosen the leash. This movement deprives the dog of the feeling of support that he feels when pulling the leash.

Dogs participate in events, exhibitions, and parades. Competing in the aesthetics of appearance and the ability to listen to the owner, the participants win awards.

How to celebrate

Grab toys and a couch. The dog gets comfortable in the office. The environment of familiar things and smells allow it to become calmer, confident. If colleagues bring their dogs, a four-legged friend will start playing and have a great time. Contact the shelter and help the dogs find a master and a friend.

When is Take Your Dog to Work Day celebrated in 2022?

Take Your Dog to Work Day is observed on the First Friday after Father’s Day.