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In period of June 4-6, Shavuot is celebrated, directly related to the Jewish faith, culture. Event is beginning of grain harvest in Israel.

The History

The holiday revered by Jews comes from biblical text. It is said the Jewish people found the Torah on Mount Sinai. The Holy Scripture was given to people by God. This is blessing essential episode in formation of religion. In XVII century, the Torah scroll was discovered, written by adherents of Judaism in Yemen. Shavuot is ancient tradition blessed chosen people managed to preserve for centuries.

Interesting Facts

Word «Shavuot» translates as «weeks».

  1. Passover, marking departure of oppressed Jews from Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs tyranny, is 49 days, 7 weeks away from Shavuot.
  2. Jews prepare for Shavuot, decorate dwelling with incense, greenery, flowering plants, emphasizing connection with celebration of harvest day.
  3. On holiday’s night, called Shavuot Night Watch, Jews refuse to sleep, study sacred texts and prepare for revelation.

Festive symbol is basket in gold/silver. Inside — seeds of grain crops as sign of fertility, absence of disastrous state of hunger.

How to celebrate

  • There is refusal to work. Day is dedicated to going to the synagogue, listening to sermons, strict observance of commandments immortalized on tablets.
  • Fun celebrations are encouraged with richly laid table with various dishes bestowed by nature. Believers, interested in Judaism read the Book of Ruth told faith came to woman at spiritual crossroads.
  • There are dairy products and dishes on festive table: casseroles, desserts with butter cream, pancakes. Milk brings purification.
  • Light candles on solemn night, symbol of wise word, connection with God.

When is Shavuot celebrated in 2022?

Shavuot begins on Sivan 6 and ends on Sivan 7 (except for Israel, which ends on Sivan 6) in the Jewish calendar.