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Sharks are amazing creatures that have gained a reputation as frightening and terrible inhabitants of the sea and ocean depths. Scientists around the world are studying toothy predators, and it is in their honor that the Shark Awareness Day holiday was established. But it is important to understand that this day is not a reason to organize a sea hunt, but an occasion to think about the fact that sharks are more afraid of people than their people. A remarkable fact that indicates that predators are not so scary is that the likelihood of being struck by lightning is much higher than being bitten by a shark. Unfortunately, people kill them for their fins and meat, and Shark Awareness Day makes people think that many species of predators have already disappeared, and some are on the verge of extinction, which is dangerous for the environment.

The History

For the first time, Shark Awareness Day began to be celebrated in America with a noble mission – to draw attention to the unique sea creatures and their value to the environment. Scientists call sharks living fossils because they appeared about 420 million years ago, they had to survive five global extinctions.

Interesting Facts

  • Most of the skeleton is made up of cartilage. Shark teeth are so sharp and strong that they can easily break any food. Thanks to their smooth and streamlined shape, the predators demonstrate amazing agility in the water.
  • Today, many public organizations are initiating a ban on the capture and sale of shark meat and fins. This is a forced measure, since in a few decades their population has decreased by 71%.
  • The declining shark population has serious negative consequences for the environment, as they keep the ocean clean and control the number of other fish and animals, such as turtles. Predators feed on turtles that eat algae that can accumulate carbon reserves. If the number of turtles increases dramatically, carbon stocks will exceed the allowable rate, which is very dangerous for the environment.

How to celebrate

Avoid shark meat, fin and skin products. Use social media to encourage people to boycott shark restaurants. Be sure to tell other people about this day, focus on the fact that predators are not at all dangerous to people, they should not be killed for their own fun. Donate to organizations dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s shark populations.

When is Shark Awareness Day celebrated in 2022?

Shark Awareness Day is observed on July 14 each year.