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Memorial Day of icon of Hispanic popular music, singer achieved worldwide popularity, made Mexican direction in music mainstream, is celebrated on April 16, this is Selena Day and significant event for fans. Singer went down in history as outstanding performer whose life was tragically cut short at fans meeting in hotel’s lobby. Selena received fatal wound in back from woman, head of fan club. Reason was unfair activity of administrator revealed when Selena demanded to submit financial reports. On Selena Day we remember the best songs, pay tribute to talented creative personality.

The History

Holiday was established in 1995 by decree of US President George W. Bush. Album «Dreaming of you» conquered Billboard 200 chart. Selena is recognized as the most commercially successful singer in segment of Latin music. Selena was born in 1971 in Texas family, parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. Girl’s musical abilities were manifested in childhood. She sang, participated in performances as part of youth groups. Girl was prophesied great success, it came true. Second direction to realize was design business. Selena became author of own clothing line and created attractive images through art of makeup.

How to Celebrate

Watch movie with Jennifer Lopez «Selena», dedicated to life, creative path of singer. It was introduced by Warner Bros. Film Company in 1997. In 2018, Netflix created series about Selena. Eight projects were shot In documentary films genre.

  1. Listen to the most popular tracks; get into mood of rhythms, lyrics. Selena’s discography has dance compositions lifting mood.
  2. Trace influence Madonna and Janet Jackson had on Selena’s work, noticeable in music videos, clothing style, dancing.
  3. Visit Selena Museum located in her hometown in Texas. There are memorabilia, personal collections of exclusive rarities.
  4. Read available scientific papers analyzed creative heritage. It has become object of scientific research.

English has always remained Selena’s mother tongue, although she often sang in Spanish learned to promote distinctive culture through pop music.

When Selena Day celebrated in 2022?

Selena Day is observed on April 16 each year.