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Patriotic holiday is celebrated on May 15, tribute is paid to memory, honor of the dead and wounded officers served in name of establishing peace, justice, this is Peace Officers Memorial Day when need to remember past. This is necessary to avoid mistakes in the future.

The History

First American police units operated as private organizations, service was paid for by rich people needed to protect own capital. Representatives of Law and Order began to act in certain states. Groups were formed from volunteers expressed desire to protect city streets from crime. In 1838, police became official state structure; employees began to receive salaries from budget. Leadership was appointed by political officials. In 1929, audit was carried out in police’s ranks to find performance indicators of service. Rule of law, impartiality in activities became main priorities remained relevant.

Interesting Facts

Initially, American police rarely wore badges, refused to wear identification marks. Society treated with distrust. Effective work was carried out undercover.

  1. District of Columbia is home to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, names of thousands of police officers died in line of duty are engraved on commemorative plaques.
  2. Interactive Law Enforcement museum is located in American capital, visitors are given opportunity to experience difficulties of working in police, learn collection of evidence, rules for responding to emergency calls asking victims for immediate help.
  3. 18 thousand police units operating are in the USA, staff has almost million employees.

Washington lowers its flags and is colored by flame of candles lit in memory of soldiers gave their lives for peaceful sky above. This is solemn, mournful, bright holiday.

When is Peace Officers Memorial Day celebrated in 2022?

Peace Officers Memorial Day is observed on May 15 each year.