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Paranormal Day is the day of all people who believe in the paranormal. On this day, people prefer having fun or very scary time.


The term paranormal appeared in the 1920s. So people called things impossible to explain from a scientific or human point of view. UFO. Extraterrestrial Beings. Poltergeist. Ghosts. Spirits. Do they exist? Scientists and researchers give negative answer. Lots of people think otherwise. And there are a lot of films and books describing the strangest, scariest and inexplicable stories?

Anyway every year people remember paranormal phenomena. Even skeptics don’t mind spending time watching a fantasy film.

How to celebrate?

One of the best ways is getting with friends, cooking a delicious snack, preparation drinks and watching interesting movie or discussing a book. True, some people prefer watching a frightening horror movie alone in complete darkness. But it is not recommended overdoing, need to remember about the nervous system.

Other ways of celebration:

  • Launch a flash mob on social networks with uploading the best films, comments, group video conferences.
  • Visit thematic quest.
  • Organize a quiz for friends.
  • Compile and publish on social networks a recommendation list of the best films and books.

When is Paranormal Day celebrated in 2022?

Paranormal Day is observed on May 3 each year.