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Nothing To Fear Day

May 27, 2022

Nothing To Fear Day - May 27

Nothing To Fear Day is the day to analyze your fears. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with being afraid. It is the body’s natural response to danger.


It is not known when Nothing To Fear Day was established. But it is well known why May 27 was chosen. On this day in 1941, US President Franklin Roosevelt delivered a speech emphasizing Americans shouldn’t be overcome by fear. He used the phrase he uttered on his inauguration day in 1933: “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. The White House message was broadcast over the radio. President wanted to prepare Americans for war.

Everyone has fears, it’s quite natural. Fears should be controlled, otherwise they will turn into complex phobias, and become uncontrollable. With this idea, Nothing To Fear Day was created, celebrated on May 27th.

Interesting Facts

Fear is a powerful emotion.

  1. With intense fear, a tremendous release of adrenaline occurs. Adrenaline affects the heart’s functioning, and can cause blood vessels to burst, resulting in death.
  2. Fear distorts reality.
  3. Fears of public speaking, closed or open spaces, dentists, heights, and air travel are the most common.
  4. Proper breathing can reduce fear.
  5. Fear can be genetically transmitted.

How to take part

Nothing To Fear Day is a good day to analyze your phobias. Try to overcome some fear. Imagine a situation you are afraid of, try to find positive things in it, learn breathing techniques to reduce the level of fear. Experience your fear, and it will diminish.

When is Nothing To Fear Day celebrated in 2022?

Nothing To Fear Day is observed on May 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday May 27 2022
Saturday May 27 2023
Monday May 27 2024
Tuesday May 27 2025


May 27, 2022
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