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No Pants Day is unofficial fun holiday calling people to feel free having a day without pants. At home people are free wearing comfortable cloth. Why not spend one such day in public.


It’s unknown when No Pants Day was first held. Assumptions exist this event happened in 1985. There is unconfirmed version saying initiators were students celebrating long awaited studies’ end in obvious way – throw their pants, marking absolute freedom. It became a tradition for cheerful guys and girls.

No pants Day is often confused No Pants Day on the Subway implying hundreds, thousands of people without trousers, skirts moving in carriages. Their goals and meaning are similar, but these are different events.

How to celebrate?

  • Celebration can be diverse, fun, unusual. The main rule is no pants.
  • Wear anything but pants: shorts, skirt, dress. Remember: the main thing is no pants!
  • This is a great occasion to stay at home all day of course without pants.
  • Arrange fun quiz with friends. Loser must appear in public without pants!
  • Organize flash mob on social networks No Pants Day uploading photos.
  • Organize a themed party at home.

Such actions will make great, funny memories for a lifetime.

When is No Pants Day celebrated in 2022?

No Pants Day is observed on the first Friday in May each year.