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Fun, joyful, carefree holiday New Beers Eve is celebrated on April 6. If you suffer with Cenosillicaphobia, relax: your glass will definitely not be empty!

The History

American people celebrate it in honor of repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Decree was signed by President Roosevelt. Alcoholic beverages ban was introduced in 1920. Decision had negative consequences: illegal drinking establishments appeared, crime increased, alcohol trade turnover increased. Dark times ended with amendment introduction. In 1972 nice recipe for creating beer in American breweries was supplemented with Cascade hops due to drink acquired special pleasant aroma, became hallmark of USA craft beer production.

Interesting facts

Craft beer is healthy product if consumed in moderation. It contains silicon makes bones stronger.

  1. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage.
  2. USA beer bars hold festive events and profitable promotions: «beer for dollar», «two glasses for one price». This allows to celebrate in noisy, cheerful company, gathering friends.
  3. Breweries are preparing developing new varieties. It becomes real gift for beer lovers being in love to try new things and experiment with taste of favorite drink.

Time to organize cute party and have fun. You will try new taste or enjoy favorite one.

When is New Beers Eve celebrated in 2022?

New Beers Eve is observed on April 6 each year.