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The opportunity not to go to the office has significantly simplified work activities, we will note this event on National Work from Home Day and thank the developers of technical electronic programs. Intellectual work activity in a home environment demonstrates similar effectiveness.

The History

In medieval Europe, the owners of hotels, inns, shops, and bakeries often equipped working premises in their own homes. The second floor was allocated for living rooms. Separate offices and commercial buildings appeared much later. Some time ago, the opportunity to stay at home during working days was a kind of reward and privilege for experienced and qualified employees. There is no point in hiding. People who have to spend time in the morning and stand in traffic jams will envy the encouragement. For objective reasons, the number of people working at home increased during the pandemic. In the current difficult circumstances, mass transfer to remote mode has become a rational and adequate solution.

Interesting Facts

The holiday is celebrated on the last Thursday of the first summer month. It’s a wonderful time when you can officially allow yourself not to visit a stuffy, cramped office!

  1. A stable model of working outside the home took shape during the Industrial Revolution. The concept of complex multifunctional production implies the use of equipment and a large-scale workforce. It was necessary to organize the process independently of private housing.
  2. In the XX century, people who worked at home had a creative profession: an artist, a musician, or a writer. The workspace did not require compliance with complex conditions.
  3. The culture of office remote work was formed at the end of the last century. Employees bought equipment and installed it at home. People now have a telephone, fax, printer, personal computer. You can work even using only a smartphone.

A nice bonus to working outside the office is the absence of the need to comply with the dress code. You can handle your duties in pajamas with a cup of coffee in your hand. And if you need to participate in a conference, many people put on a shirt and tie, remaining without trousers, the lower part of the body is invisible on the screen! Funny, but convenient!

How to celebrate

Stop rushing. Brew delicious coffee. Install your laptop on the sofa or bed and get to work enthusiastically in a relaxed mode. Let comfort become the motto of the national day without office pressure!

When is National Work From Home Day celebrated in 2022?

National Work From Home Day is observed on the last Thursday in June each year.