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April 9 is National Winston Churchill Day when memory of unique politician, talented strategist is honored. He is known for spectacular victories in political arena. Merit consists in preserving integrity of European countries, preserving statehood of Great Britain. Sir Winston Churchill is famous for unusual lifestyle preferences and catchphrases became motto, reference.

The History

Difficult times of Second World War, the Allied forces suffered setbacks, British politicians (including the King) insisted on need to conclude peace with troops of Nazi Germany. Truce would mean complete defeat to Hitler, humiliating concessions, territorial, economic, political. Winston Churchill is appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Party representatives were waiting for concrete solutions — dialogue with German leader. Churchill categorically refused, decided to resist German troops. The future showed decision was the only right one. At that time no one supported, only Churchill’s wife approved of actions. Liberation operation took place on French beaches in Dunkirk subsequently marked Churchill’s triumph. He was applauded by Parliament.

Interesting facts

Holiday was established on initiative of President Kennedy in 1963. US president highly appreciated Churchill’s services to world community in countering global threat.

  1. In 1953 famous Briton was awarded Nobel Prize in Literature. Education was not given to him easily: he managed to pass military college entrance exams successfully on the third attempt.
  2. Churchill is known as a grandiose talented orator delivered speeches to Parliament. They are rhetoric models.
  3. Churchill was emotional and could cry at meeting if happening affected.
  4. Churchill was fan of national alcohol. Accidents happened to Prime Minister. He was seriously injured several times, drowned, fell from horse.

Follow the example of brave and incredibly smart Briton. No need to fall off horse. Take cigar, pour glass of whiskey… turn to reading. Churchill’s phrases about bravery, courage, honor, bravery remain relevant. Politician had extraordinary sense of humor. He was able to speak with irony, sarcasm causes sincere sympathy, admiration.

When is National Winston Churchill Day celebrated in 2022?

National Winston Churchill Day is observed on April 9 each year.