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Essential part of men’s equipment in practicing contact sports is noted as central attribute of National Wear a Jockstrap to Work Day, coming on June 3. This is piece of underwear with support function useful when cycling, used by professional athletes.

The History

For first time, jockstrap model was developed by designers in 1874. Foundations remained identical in new millennium. High-quality jockstrap fits snugly to body, does not restrict movement, invisible underclothing. Unusual remarkable holiday was created to increase education in matter of intimate health, which is not widely, openly discussed in society.

Interesting Facts

Wearing jockstrap is provided during recovery period after surgery, rehabilitation after injuries and removal of inguinal hernia.

  1. Components of jockstrap: elastic waistband, belts, pouch for genitalia, additional protective cup.
  2. Functional purpose of jockstrap is to support, raise genitals, which is necessary for long stay on bicycle saddle, pedaling in sitting position. With bandage, temperature in intimate area decreases.
  3. Sports bandage’s benefit is to prevent formation of high temperature in genitals. If you ignore issue, negative consequences are formed in form of decrease in fertility, male infertility.

Jockstrap is common among gays, bisexual people. Bandage is worn by men seeking to increase likelihood of conceiving healthy child.

How to celebrate

Read information about useful thing had positive effect on men’s health. This will help in the future to avoid serious difficulties associated with reproductive dysfunction, endless visits to doctor.

Select jockstrap from specialty store if it’s necessary. Main criterion for choosing is comfort. Please note some models are not intended for riding mountain bikes.

When is National Wear a Jockstrap to Work Day celebrated in 2022?

National Wear a Jockstrap to Work Day is observed on the first Friday in June each year.