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Fans of chicken salad with addition of walnut rejoice, on May 17, essential healthy ingredient is respected; this event is called National Walnut Day. Do not quarrel with lovers of almonds, different types of nuts are useful in own way, taste good in combination with various products.

The History

Walnut has been around for 10 thousand years. In ancient Persian kingdoms, product was treating for members of rulers’ families. Trade item was spreading across the Middle East for centuries. Walnut was brought to American continent by Europeans. Holiday appeared in middle of the last century. Dwight D. Eisenhower gave corresponding senators’ proposal official status. Thanks to wise decision, wonderful holiday appeared in calendar.

Interesting Facts

Walnut is eaten raw, fried, put in pies/cakes; baked, used in marinades, sauces, create caramel, butter. A lot of use options, bright palette of taste sensations!

  1. Walnut tree has been growing for 2 centuries.
  2. According to research, the great Renaissance artists created visual masterpieces using ink created from walnut husks.
  3. Shell became natural substitute for cleaning products, it demonstrates abrasive properties.
  4. Walnut is effective medicine: relieves inflammation, helps to achieve fresh breath, gets rid of bacteria and promotes early wound healing.
  5. Real «storehouse» of omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and vitamin E bestowed by nature. Walnut is useful, necessary to eat dosed amount, otherwise useful substances are not absorbed.

Make festive menu of dishes with addition of walnut: prepare light snacks, salads, desserts. Ingredient is perfectly combined with prevailing salty, sweet flavors.

When is National Walnut Day Celebrated in 2022?

National Walnut Day is observed on May 17 each year.