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April 6 provides unique opportunity to join healthy lifestyle, National Walking Day assumes you will devote an hour to useful activity. Time to remind when we walk we contribute to city ecology, heal our body. Walking is prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Activity helps to avoid depression, normalize healthy sleep.

The History

Walking — primitive man excelled at. Hunting animals, he travelled great distances in search of prey, food. People do not know how to run as fast as animals, fly like birds, but walking is skill people have possessed since ancient times. During reign of Queen Victoria special competitions were held in Great Britain, people competed in long-distance walking. Winner was the one covered distance on foot in the shortest time period. Holiday was created as reminder of useful and acceptable pastime accessible to everyone.

Interesting facts

Holiday is celebrated on the first Wednesday of April.

  1. If you walk 15 minutes a day, not only on holiday, you significantly reduce body’s need for desserts, sweet dishes.
  2. Since 1904 walking has been on list of Olympic sports. Competitions participation implies the use of special, regulated equipment.
  3. In 1965 Japanese inventor Yoshiro Hatano created «ten thousand step counter». Device is known as pedometer. Useful invention allows changing level of daily activity. This is convenient person conducts regular workouts and pursues losing weight goal, becoming resilient, healthy.
  4. Statistics show: walkers increase creative abilities, succeed.
  5. Devote 30 minutes a day to walking and take 6000 steps to feel noticeably better in month. Useful habit does not require much effort.

Go for a walk, invite friend or lover, have a good time getting positive charge.

When is National Walking Day celebrated in 2022?

National Walking Day is observed every year on the first Wednesday in April.