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National Waitstaff Day

May 21

National Waitstaff Day - May 21

People working at bars, delivering orders, and recommending items on the menu are often faced with the dismissive, rude attitude of guests; show them a respectful attitude on May 21, the wonderful National Waitstaff Day. The work of bartenders and waiters is difficult and involves high levels of stress.

The History

First establishments similar to restaurants appeared in Ancient Rome around 100 AD. Citizens who engaged in trade and agriculture traveled to sell goods, and found food and accommodation with hospitable inn owners. As the transport industry developed in Europe, people traveled more, and the need to have a snack on the road increased. In France, after the Revolution, chefs who had served in aristocratic families began to work independently, starting restaurants. Haute cuisine appeared. The modern, fast pace of life dictates current conditions: there is no opportunity to eat at home 2-3 times a day. Working people rush to restaurants or fast-food outlets to order lunch.

Interesting Facts

Waiters are required to tell guests about special offers, promotions and specialty dishes. Do not ignore this advice; it gives you the opportunity to save money, or to try something unusual.

  1. If a patron ignores their assigned waiter, instead turning to any waiter they see nearby, they not only increase everyone’s workload but also the chance of mistakes happening.
  2. Waiters are not medical professionals, so do not expect them to know everything about food allergies. Read the menu, study the composition of the dishes. If you are uncertain, ask the waiter about the dish, they will be happy to help.
  3. Avoid getting angry when circumstances contradict expectations. Expecting a waiter to serve ten people in the blink of an eye in unreasonable. Waiting 15-20 minutes when the kitchen is busy is normal and acceptable.
  4. Giving constructive feedback on the service points out shortcomings and helps the staff improve.

They work trying to please their patrons, so avoid conflict with them. Appreciate their effort.

When is National Waitstaff Day celebrated in 2022?

National Waitstaff Day is observed on May 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday May 21 2022
Sunday May 21 2023
Tuesday May 21 2024
Wednesday May 21 2025


May 21
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