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Remember when you invited relatives living separately from your family and take advantage of wonderful occasion — May 18 is National Visit Your Relatives Day. Appreciate time, exhausting resource in human life’s context. Career is important, but it does not replace family. People need unconditional love, support, sympathy found in circle of relatives.

The History

In the late 60s, marriages between people belonging to different races were legalized in the United States. Time of emergence of new historical social study — history of the family allowed tracking family ties, learn ancestors, trace inherited/individual traits, establish origins of family traditions.

How to celebrate

Modern means of communication make private conversations with relatives living far away available. Use video call if it is not possible to pay visit.

  1. Express gratitude, appreciation, relatives will appreciate. Family is place, source of strength to find potential for work, creativity and self-realization.
  2. Make appointment, do what you love: remember from childhood. Play board games, browse through photo album and listen to funny stories.
  3. Send postcard with pleasant sincere congratulations. Arrange pleasant surprise for holiday. It’s touching memorable event!

Set work tasks to «stop», call your loved ones, invite celebrating event together. Cook delicious homemade dish, dessert, talk about essential topics over tea. It brings closer.

When is National Visit Your Relatives Day celebrated in 2022?

National Visit Your Relatives Day is observed on May 18 each year.