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April 9 is time to plunge into fairy tale, celebrate National Unicorn Day with children or alone. Adults want to return to carefree time filled with illusions, magic. Time to touch myths, legends from fictional worlds, reality is tiring. Unicorn is fabulous embodiment of goodness, justice, beauty, admiration, honesty, loyalty, freedom.

The History

Unicorn is mentioned as mythological creature in eastern countries legends (China, India). He is depicted as horse with horn. Ancient Greece talked about Unicorn. It was believed they live in far unexplored East lands in mysterious kingdoms. Mentions of animal are noted in the Bible. Unicorn was known to peoples of Iranian origin. Celtic legends telling about Unicorn as symbol of freedom, grace. Scots chose it as nation symbol, painted it on coats of arms.

Interesting facts

Horn is a «tool» the animal grants healing from all diseases with.

  1. Middle Ages whalers caught whales in seas, sold narwhal tusks, said product — horn of mysterious Unicorn.
  2. Holiday has been celebrated since April 2015.
  3. Unicorn appears in Harry Potter books. Animal blood is endowed with healing power, saves from death.
  4. Image is peaceful, friendly, affectionate, sensitive. Horn is given for protection from liars and punishment for uttering untruths.
  5. Animal is placed as emblem on clothes, symbol of various children’s organizations, events. There are a lot of such toys in children’s stores, TV cartoons: Unicorn as positive hero.

Celebrate this day with dignity, pick special outfit with symbol, make up pastel colors in fairy tale style, read corresponding story, children’s book, order a dessert with Unicorn image made of mastic. Wonderful, delicious!

When is National Unicorn Day celebrated in 2022?

National Unicorn Day is observed on April 9 each year.