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National Truffle Day is a delicious holiday celebrated by American fans of these delicious candies. This is a special type of chocolate treat that has existed for over 120 years.


It is not known when the national truffle day was founded, but it’s known that this delicacy was first cooked in 1895 by the French confectioner N. Petrucelli. These sweets gained popularity in 1902, after a confectionery shop was opened in London, which sold small chocolates similar to real mushroom truffles.

The first candies looked like small balls of chocolate ganache, sprinkled with cocoa. Later, coconut flakes or crushed nuts were used as a sprinkling.

Interesting Facts

What interesting things do we know about chocolate truffles?

  • Danish confectioner Frip Knipschild made one of the most expensive truffles. He covered a real mushroom truffle with a pouring of butter, sugar, dark chocolate and cream. The price of one candy was equal to 250 dollars.
  • A London confectionery shop still sells original truffles.
  • Among all varieties of truffles, there are 3 groups: European, American and Swiss. American ones were invented by Joseph Schmidt in the 1980s. Candy, combining milk and dark chocolate, coconut oil and butter, had the shape of a small semicircle covered with chocolate.

When is National Truffle Day in 2022?

National Truffle Day is observed on May 2 each year.