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National Teacher’s Day in the United States is a celebration of all pedagogical workers: modern and those who have previously made a great contribution to the development of pedagogical activity. This holiday is part of a week dedicated to all teachers.


The initiator of establishment of national teacher’s day is considered a teacher from Arkansas Matthew White Woodridge. Man wrote to various politicians, including Eleanor Roosevelt, asking to support the establishment of a national holiday dedicated to teachers.

Eleanor Roosevelt made a lot of attempts to convince Congress to establish this holiday. Proclamation was achieved only after 30 years. March 7, 1980 was declared a national teacher’s day, but the annual celebration wasn’t supposed.

However, each year the National Educational Association continued celebration their professional day. In 1985, at the state level, it was decided to change the date. National Teachers’ Day was moved to the Tuesday of the first full week of May.

Interesting Facts

The main goal of the national teacher’s day is to express gratitude, respect and reverence to the employees of educational organizations. How to do it?

  1. Write sincere letters of thanks.
  2. Buy a small gift.
  3. Buy school supplies – pens, markers, paper, folders are always needed for teachers.
  4. Write interesting congratulatory posts on social networks with photos, videos of your favorite teachers.
  5. Organize school volunteering.

When is National Teacher Day celebrated in 2022?

National Teacher Day is observed on the Tuesday of the first full week in May each year.