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A healthy product and a dish prepared on its basis is served to the table on National Tapioca Day. It is a slow carbohydrate that can be used in dietary nutrition. We are enjoying culinary delights on June 28.

The History

The product is of plant origin. It is recorded in the Pacific Ocean and Asian regions (Indonesia, Thailand). The dish is considered useful because of its high content of minerals and protein. Tapioca is made from cassava roots. A starchy granular structure is observed.

Interesting Facts

A popular tapioca dish is pudding. It has a creamy taste.

  1. There are no people indifferent to tapioca: they either love it or hate it. Rejection is caused by unjustified hopes for a delicious vanilla dessert in childhood. The appearances suggested such anticipation.
  2. Tapioca is useful for strengthening bones.
  3. Delicious additives to the pudding are attached pieces of tropical fruits, cream, and coconut milk.

Tea, cookies, tortillas are made from tapioca.

How to celebrate

Give tapioca a second chance if you haven’t been a fan of this food before. You need to try all the varieties and methods of cooking to get an unambiguous conclusion. Make wonders in your own kitchen on the national day and share photos of cups full of tapioca!

When is National Tapioca Day celebrated in 2022?

National Tapioca Day is observed on June 28 each year.