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Make sure you have strong teeth and go celebrate National Taffy Day, filled with the sweet taste and memories of childhood. It is a common and popular delicacy, the history of which includes some amazing moments and entertaining incidents. Let’s plunge into the past on May 23.

The History

The candy’s name is first mentioned in English dictionaries published in 1817. People immediately liked the chewy sweet. At the end of the XIX century, Jersey Shore confectionery factory was flooded, and their products were spoiled by salt water. The owner tried to sell it as a new batch with a salty taste. It was an instant hit. In 2005, the candy acquired an elongated shape.

Interesting Facts

Taffy is loved by children and adults. In the past, it was made at home; it required lots of physical effort, since creating the special texture required the presence of air.

  1. Enjoying taffy provokes memories: everyone spent carefree summers with their grandmother, at summer camp, or at the seaside.
  2. The modern version has a variety of flavors: vanilla, fruits, berry, maple syrup.
  3. In factories, the process of creating taffy is fascinating: mixtures are cooked in huge boilers at high temperature, cooled, poured into special molds.

On this holiday, take a factory tour. Make the sweets at home; treat your neighbors, colleagues, friends, family members.

When is National Taffy Day celebrated in 2022?

National Taffy Day is observed on May 23 each year.