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April 28 marks day of Marvel and DC Universe gave mankind reliable protection from world evil in face of people with superpowers, celebrate National Superhero Day and remember favorite comic book character. Usually heroes manage to prevent global catastrophe, defeat insidious enemies and restore justice.

The History

First superhero received artistic embodiment in 1936. Name was Phantom. After 4 years, heroine with outstanding abilities appeared, named Phantom Lady. In 1962, Spider-Man came into world, in 1978 — Superman. Holiday was founded by Marvel in 1995 united two cinematic world’s fans, not separate them.

How to celebrate

Villains are not honored on holiday, but without opponents heroes and their glorious exploits would not exist.

  1. Invite friends to party. They must appear in images of superheroes. Laughter and cute photos are attached.
  2. Review favorite movies for moments escaped attention at first viewing.
  3. Read description, origin story of favorite superhero. Perhaps he has superpower hidden, manifests only in combination with other actions.

Holiday has evolved. In addition to honoring fictional superheroes, congratulations are received by real heroes perform feat in ordinary life: soldiers, doctors, rescuers, firefighters, neighbor took heart-rending screaming cat from tree.

When is National Superhero Day celebrated in 2022?

National Superhero Day is observed on April 28 each year.