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Wonderful holiday makes realize service of military units at sea is harsh, difficult — National Submarine Day is celebrated on April 11. Think, Navy crews are on duty at sea for weeks, months. They do not see relatives; have limited food supply, means of communication. Servicemen need to perform combat/training tasks, fighting with external enemy and nature turning out to be merciless, cruel. National holiday is opportunity to remember brave military, express respect for work, official duty.

The History

Holiday is timed to day of founding of American submarine fleet. First combat vessel was USS Holland. Actual predecessor of submarine was 10-foot-long fishing vessel USS Alligator. It was launched in the middle of the XIX century. Interesting feature distinguishing object from typical ones is ability to dive underwater to depth of 2 dozen feet. Boat was not intended for military service. In 1863, she sank in violent storm. USS Holland was designed by Irish craftsman John Philip Holland in 1840. He was inventor; he learned engineering on his own. In 1873 boat became part of the U.S. Navy, its first combat unit.

Fun Facts

USS Holland was commissioned at the beginning of the XX century. Appearance underwent changes differed from original. Double Deck was built. Engineer built boat was dissatisfied: he believed deck should be free of additional structures.

  1. Main disadvantage of «Holland» is absence of periscope on board. Submarine had to appear above sea level: commander would receive objective information about surface situation. «Holland» could not act covertly, appearance in the waters was easy to detect!
  2. Ideas of creator of «Holland» were ahead of time, could only be realized when scientists studied nuclear potential in detail.
  3. Women are deprived of opportunity to become part of submarine crew.

Submarines participate in large-scale wars when ocean becomes battlefield. «Nautilus» is elusive, invisible, has strong combat power, act covertly, surrounded by mystery. Dangerous service involves risk. Discard romantic look, harsh truth will remain. Review informative film, visit Navy Museum, take walk to monuments to defenders of state naval borders, congratulate men are involved.

When is National Submarine Day celebrated in 2022?

National Submarine Day is observed on April 11 each year.