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National Sorry Day

May 26, 2022

National Sorry Day - May 26

A mournful day of remembrance of mistakes of the past — May 26 — has the appropriate name of National Sorry Day. Tragic events unfolded on the Australian continent. As part of brutal colonial policies, local aboriginal children were taken away by colonizers for resettlement, to assimilate into, and adapt to, the culture of white colonists.

The History

Destruction of aboriginal families is associated with the so-called stolen generations of the XX century. Local Australian authorities did not immediately recognize their mistakes, with tragic consequences. National Sorry Day was approved in 1998. It took years to raise awareness and recognition of guilt to a feeling of regret. Apologies to aboriginals were officially made in 2008. Backed up by financial compensation from the state budget, it was accepted, but the damage is practically irreparable. Lessons need to be learned, and never repeated in the future.

Interesting Facts

Torres Strait Islanders are representatives of an ancient civilization that originated on the African mainland and migrated to the islands near Australia.

  1. At the end of the XVIII century, European ships reached the shores of Australia, which was inhabited by indigenous tribes of aborigines, with their own beliefs, different languages, and dialects.
  2. The English spoken by descendants of immigrants from Europe to Australia includes nouns from indigenous languages. Words denote authentic, exclusive concepts.
  3. This nightmarish historical crime implies the actual theft of children, forcibly separated from their parents and other relatives.

This is a shameful page of history. Indigenous peoples have an equal right to a prosperous life.

When is National Sorry Day celebrated in 2022?

National Sorry Day is observed on May 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday May 26 2022
Friday May 26 2023
Sunday May 26 2024
Monday May 26 2025


May 26, 2022
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