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People of different professions like to spend a lot of time playing a seemingly simple game; May 22 is dedicated to this popular form of entertainment and is called National Solitaire Day. Open the game on your computer or smart phone screen and enjoy!

The History

Original version appeared back in 1746 and was called Peg Solitaire. Modern developers tried to modernize it. Solitaire cards appeared in the XVIII century in Europe. At the beginning of the XX century, the updated version became popular and widespread. A corresponding software product from Microsoft was introduced in 1989.

Interesting Facts

The card game requires skill and experience from the player. 80% of games have a solution if the right strategy is applied. There is a league of professional players.

  1. The name comes from a Latin word meaning loneliness.
  2. An alternative name is Patience.
  3. The biggest prize money associated with a game of Solitaire was $ 250,000.

Solitaire is a useful game for memory training; a player needs to memorize suits and colors to win. The ability to think strategically, plan one’s moves is crucial. It is a calming game, providing a pleasant distraction.

When is National Solitaire Day celebrated in 2022?

National Solitaire Day is observed on May 22 each year.