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On April 24 time to introduce child to sports, healthy lifestyle, it will become symbolic, appropriate on National Skipping Day marked by light sports training in playful way. Jumps performed regularly at moderate amount, pace help to strengthen cardiovascular system. Spend 8 minutes a day doing this.

The History

Ancient Egyptians used vines for jumping, sports training. Jump rope, rubber bands were used in ancient China. Jumping, people celebrated New Year. Medieval engravings depicted rubber ropes. Pictures of leisure, not torture. Sports festive fun transformed into fun children’s game schoolchildren, toddlers adore. Various tricks began to be created, demonstrating skill of game participants.

How to celebrate

To play, enough to gather 3 friends and have rubber band 6 feet long for convenience of jumping. Two people hold rope on feet. The third one jumps between them, trying not to step on or touch barriers. To complicate, rope is lifted, held at height of knees, light stage — on ankles.

  1. Do workout! 300 calories are burned in 15 minutes. Athletic exercises allow engaging muscle groups, increase endurance, burn extra calories have entered body with fatty foods. Dopamine will be produced. Pleasant useful activity brings joy, optimism charge, cheerfulness, inspiration for new achievements.
  2. Organize competition; join mass sports events held on holiday.
  3. Coordinate with school teacher suggested ways to help create sports holiday.

The best way to keep fit in absence of sports accessories and access to expensive modern fitness centers.

When National Skipping Day celebrated in 2022?

National Skipping Day is observed on April 24 each year.