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April 10 marks holiday named not to focus on relatives gender as National Sibling Day. Real family celebration reminding of great importance brothers and sisters. They are best friends, the worst enemies, motivators, support. Strengthening family ties — important part of existence allowing to avoid feeling loneliness, longing.

The History

Holiday date was determined by Claudia Evart. Fate prepared her difficult trials. She lost brother and sister. She established non-profit foundation in 1997 in memory. Holiday appeared. Event emphasizes importance of mutual assistance, love.

Interesting facts

Holiday was not recognized in all countries. It is celebrated in Australia, Portugal, Spain, India.

  1. First to support idea in the United States was former President Barack Obama.
  2. Some believe being an only child in family is better, but only 12% of total US population would prefer to spend childhood without siblings. Rest can’t imagine life without loved ones!
  3. Siblings are friends or rivals, but the closest people, unconsciously show same food preferences, love same movie.
  4. Interesting Indian custom — sister ties lace on brother’s wrist that protects.

Time to call relative, ask for a meeting, organize family barbecue holiday joint viewing of children’s photo album. Talk about love!

When is National Sibling Day celebrated in 2022?

National Sibling Day is observed on April 10 each year.