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Time to show sensuality, tenderness towards sexual partner comes on June 9 on National Sex Day. Adherents of traditional classical, extreme carnal pleasures are involved in event to the same extent. Feel free to talk about sex. This helps to get closer, understand partner and give unforgettable experience.

The History

Intimacy is based on primal powerful instinct that underlies desire to continue life. Sensual holiday is scheduled for June 9 because of combination of numbers 6/9, in tandem mean intimate sex pose.

Interesting Facts

Word «coitus» with meaning originally displayed course of planets of solar system, literally translated as «move together».

  • Special attitude to sex is observed in India. In exotic country, intimacy is seen as artistic, refined process built on exchange of energies.
  • Sex is science required study of theory, constant practice. Authors of intimate Indian publications believe.
  • 64 variants of love classes are described in famous Kama Sutra. Book became revolutionary, originally intended for royal family, military personnel; scientists comprehend subtleties of philosophical world order.

Sex is useful; strengthen physical health, emotional connection. It has beneficial effect on mood, regulates hormone production, allowing maintaining balance, avoid serious disorders.

How to celebrate

Invite partner to diversify intimate life. Choose option among role-playing games, costumes. Unobtrusively, tactfully find secret desires, make reality.

Watch adult movies, notice interesting details/ideas for hot night.

Read special literature told how peak of pleasure is achieved, bring or delay sweet moment. Do not hesitate to be free, uninhibited alone with loved.

Remember, voluntary, safety is basic principles of intimate relationships; there are practically no prohibitions for two.

When is National Sex Day celebrated in 2022?

National Sex Day is observed on June 9 each year.