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The creation of photo self-portraits has now become a popular trend and an authentic art form, which is given attention on National Selfie Day on June 21. It’s time to take a beautiful photo, capturing your own face at the moment. Consider the composition and write an intriguing description. Catch likes from fans and friends!

The History

A person’s desire to take their own photos is associated with the appearance of the corresponding opportunity in 1885, when the first camera was invented. At the end of the XX century, digital technologies were popularized, which contributed to the spread of the culture of photography. It turned out to be possible to create photos instantly without the need to develop the film in a special studio. I use the equipment of professionals. Selfies began to be taken in 2005. It has become possible to integrate a reverse camera into modern devices.

Interesting Facts

The first selfie was taken in 1839. The picture was captured by Robert Cornelius. He had to sit motionless for 15 minutes to get a good picture.

  1. With the advent of selfies, the essence of the self-portrait has undergone change and reinterpretation by artists and masters of photography and fine art.
  2. A Selfie is an important marketing and advertising tool that helps to establish communication with partners and consumers, create a bright, colorful visual presentation, share information, and establish trusting relationships.
  3. To make a selfie, take a pose so that the neck, the raised chin, and the part of the face that is considered «working» are visible; that is, it turns out better in photos. You cannot be tense, you can relax and create ease.

Creating a selfie is a creative process, part of self-realization and expression. This is a useful activity that helps to increase self-confidence and self-esteem. A constructed frame and lighting are of great importance for a spectacular selfie.

How to celebrate

On the national day, organize a photo shoot, taking care of the choice of location in advance: a shopping center, a library, a restaurant, a hotel lobby, a gym, an alley in the park, the coast. Get to know the technical potential of your mobile device; use filters; experiment with frames and signatures. Share the holiday photo on social networks and discuss the result with your subscribers!

When is National Selfie Day celebrated in 2022?

National Selfie Day is observed on June 21 each year.