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An event of an exotic nature is celebrated on June 21. It reminds us of the sea when we talk about National Seashell Day. Go out to the beach and get sand under your feet. Find a clamshell and examine it. Does it remind you of a miniature projection of the universe?

The History

The holiday, free of the pressing banality, first appeared in 2016. The tourist organizations of the state of Florida decided to draw guests’ attention to the shells on sandy beaches.

Interesting Facts

The collection of inhabited shells is prohibited. It is considered a violation of the rules for the protection of wildlife and the environment.

  1. The commercial sale of seashells is prohibited. This is a violation of the law entails the onset of responsibility!
  2. An empty shell found on the shore is allowed to be brought home and used as souvenir reminders.
  3. The surface of the shells can be smooth, flat, covered with spikes or ridges.

The pattern on the shells is distinguished by originality and uniqueness. Two hundred thousand marine inhabitants create unique shells.

According to Eastern philosophy, shells are considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

How to celebrate

Find a shell on the coast, see if it is empty. If a living creature lives in it, take the shell to the sea; you can’t leave it on the shore or take it home! Find empty shells, take a picture of the collection and share it.

When is National Seashell Day celebrated in 2022?

National Seashell Day is observed on June 21 each year.