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Open bottle of Rosé wine on June 11, calendar date favors, marks beginning of celebration of National Rosé Day. Event is shrouded in light flair of inspiration, relaxation, promises drink in glass. Exquisite event available to everyone likes to relax accompanied by pleasant taste of high-quality wine.

The History

Swedish house Bodvar has established celebration. Appearance of Rosé wine is associated with emergence of new grape variety in Middle Ages. It was bred on territory of modern Turkey, ended up in France. Status of the national day was awarded in fall of 2014.

Interesting Facts

Drink is associated with grace, refinement and lightness. It is pleasant to drink on summer day, which does not interfere with everyday activities.

  • Rosé wine goes well with tart stuffed with salmon, vegetable salads, various types of cheeses, seafood, spicy snacks.
  • Varieties of drink include sparkling wines.
  • Common misconception is wine has exceptionally sweet taste. In fact, most products are dry wines.
  • Alternative name for refreshing drink is «summer water».

Rosé wine has combinatorial properties allows creating cocktails based on. This is territory of imagination, taste preferences!

How to celebrate

Go for summer walk, have picnic. There must be place for bottle of Rosé wine in snack basket. Alternative option is house party with tasting. Decorate space in pink tones; take care of availability of varieties. After trying, choose favorite. Remember, wine in glass is cute opportunity to appreciate beauty moment!

When is National Rosé Day celebrated in 2022?

National Rosé Day is observed on the second Saturday in June each year.