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People leave pets, animals remain outside without opportunity to eat well and be healthy, essential issue is highlighted on May 20 at National Rescue Dog Day. Owners are responsible for animals, frivolous behavior becomes cause of deadly risk homeless abandoned dogs are exposed.

The History

In 1824, organization was created in the UK to rescue abandoned animals subjected to abuse. Lisa Wiehebrink initiated creation of special holiday. Rescued dog in 2009, she wrote book to attract public attention, studied issue of emotional psychological connection between dogs and people. Author believes love for animals should be instilled from childhood, it helps child to become responsible, kind, sympathetic, compassionate.

Interesting Facts

3 million dogs end up in homeless shelters every year.

  1. Reason for huge number of single dogs is person’s refusal to castrate or sterilize pet, inability to provide home to increased population, change of residence.
  2. Dog has close relationship with owner, devoted, faithful, becomes the best friend, protects, comforts.
  3. Dogs are easily trained allows them to be hired by social services to rescue, search for people, identify dangerous substances.
  4. Person who mistreats animal is prone to domestic violence against relatives.
  5. Animals that people drive out of house do not adapt well to life on street. They are gullible, get into trouble, infected with deadly diseases/viruses, poisoned.

Holiday is great occasion to take destitute animal into house from shelter, give chance for happy life in love, care. This is opportunity to find true friend.

When is National Rescue Dog Day in 2022?

National Rescue Dog Day is observed on May 20 each year.