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At first glance, their work seems insignificant, in reality people of this profession are important part of structured mechanism, on whose impeccable work success of organization depends — National Receptionists Day is celebrated on May 11. Polite tactful treatment of reception employee is the key to quick pass to boss’s office. Receptionists form, convey to management opinion about client.

The History

Employees working in reception area perform representative functions («company’s persons»), perform secretary duties. Profession was developed in the second half of the XIX century: first typewriter was invented formed demand for specialists print quickly, competently. In 1942, National Secretaries Association was founded, opened up new opportunities for employees. Successful struggle for increase in wages for female employees made profession attractive in eyes of potential applicants.

Interesting Facts

Holiday is celebrated on the second Wednesday of May.

  1. Receptionists are universal soldiers, chief assistants, right hand of big boss. They make up schedule, organize/cancel meetings, create reminders, make sure what is planned happens on time.
  2. Receptionists know management better than bosses, sitting in comfortable offices behind reception. They distinguish mood nuances, choose right moment to address. This affects corporate climate, attitude towards the rest of staff.
  3. The best gift for receptionists — extra day off in crazy work schedule. Enough for them to regain strength, enthusiastically return to office the next day, ready for achievements.

Few dreams of becoming receptionists in childhood, in reality interesting job requires manifestation of outstanding qualities: restraint, competence, sociability, ability to work in multitasking mode, attentiveness, lack of fear of taking responsibility, loyalty, efficiency in decision-making. Appreciate receptionists; congratulate them sincerely as sign of gratitude!

When is National Receptionists Day celebrated in 2022?

National Receptionists Day is observed on the second Wednesday of May each year.