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On April 27, plan trip to the best steakhouse to appreciate perfectly cooked meat on holiday called National Prime Rib Day. Mouth-watering event is popular among Americans, whose main diet consists of meat, vegetable side dishes. Who will refuse pleasure of eating juicy steak cooked in compliance with traditions and respect for the art of «brutal» cooking?

The History

Prime Rib is prepared from beef; meat of young bull, rib part is used. Fragrant dish turns out juicy, tender, soft, easy to chew, gives taste pleasure. Classic recipe was used in Industrial Revolution on the North American continent, in the UK, Australia. In England, Prime Rib occupied central place on dining table as main treat created to feed family for Sunday dinner. Restaurant version of Prime Rib was offered in Las Vegas in 1942. Dish was sold for $2!

How to celebrate

Prime Rib refers to expensive dishes. In home kitchen, ordinary Americans cook it infrequently, for Christmas, notable holidays, in honor of solemn events.

  • Use classic cooking recipe or create experimental dish to be appreciated.
  • Cook beans, carrots, fried potatoes for garnish, add spice sauce.
  • Go to restaurant. In the USA, there are a huge number of catering establishments specializing in serving exceptional beef steaks. It’s paradise for connoisseurs of delicious meat.

This is high-calorie meal. Stop counting calories on holiday. If the cook served dish with fat layer, not be surprised. This corresponds to canons, standards. Thin fat layer on rib allows preserving taste when frying at high temperature. Enjoy!

When National Prime Rib Day celebrated in 2022?

National Prime Rib Day is observed on April 27 each year.